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October 20,2020
Supreme isolation...

Good day all,

Well since April it's been much about isolating and masking oneself. This fall brings me to the studio to a heightened level of isolation, not in fear of anything but purely and blissfully to create new paintings.

Finding within a gathered sense of cohesive design and style in the abstracts I love to paint. If I could sing, play an instrument or even read music I'd be a musician, as never goes by a day at the studio in which music isn't playing the part of muse, guiding and inspiring my work. And all kinds of music fills the air here. My active brain left to meander critical design, color and compositional elements within each painting.

The test of an artist is how much to add, adjust and remove from the current work standing upright on the easel. Times where I could sit for hours contemplating the next move....should this painting be left minimally atmospheric and spiritual or will the evolution of the work leap toward more structure. I feel artists are truly architects within their own work, composers guiding a rhythm of color, brush strokes, balance and design with the hope of putting forth a work worthy of it's place in this world. 




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