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October 26,2021
New gallery….

I am excited to announce that I am a participating artist with Le Hang Art Gallery at 2239 Granville Street, Vancouver. 

This is a great opportunity to view my large abstracts in person. Paintings are appreciated with greater depth, accuracy and life when viewed in a physical setting. One's sense of definition and art appreciation becomes deeper from a personal viewing experience of art.

Feel free to contact Robert at Le Hang Art 604 732-0875 for hours of business and to facilitate your visit.

Happy fall,



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October 12,2021
Repeating motifs….

Cezanne painted Mont St. Victoire some hundred times. He completed paintings of fruit bowls set upon white cloths on multitude canvases. Monet devoted many works of his famous water lilies. Of sunlit church facades captured through varying times of the day, and of haystacks and tree lined rural roads painted during every season of the year. It is with awe that I admire such artists who continued to paint these motifs over and again.


My thoughts on art making are such that I have minimal internal drive to repeat motifs/styles. This is particularly the reason I've laid aside the representational realistic paintings of marine subjects I have completed to date. I honor the artists who represent familiar motifs with exquisite detail, fullest accuracy, brilliance and freshness. Mary Pratt comes to mind.


It is within my soul which prefers to explore and express the unclaimed, unexpected or unusual. I am keen on painting abstracts with an intuitive force and focus on color, energy and composition. Each painting is meant to be a uniquely creative exploration through visual scrutiny of color balance and composition. The outset of a painting is not premeditated upon a preconceived imagery, nor are the same processes applied on how it will be constructed. It is birthed of its own energy, initiated within a driving rhythm and synergy.


The process of a painting begins with color selections thereby laying a background effect with brush marking to create a sense of mood and movement. There are numerous layers added for depth and structure. With multiple visual adjustments more often that not I begin to feel I've over saturated the preliminary imagery. Through meditative reflection and a critical eye of assessment I have a sense of trusting artistic processes and aesthetic senses in order to re-calibrate a worthy composition. With personal intention and conviction I feel capable of producing abstract paintings.


What intrigues me with intuitive paintings is their sense or need to exist as pure abstracts forms, or works loosely representing florals, imaginary landscapes or odd characters. More importantly is the process of creating an intuitive painting and the challenge to orchestrate an accomplished composition. I thrive in the deliberate process, development and expressiveness of a painting, allowing each painting to hold its unique place and breathe a life of its own.


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